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Sanuk Womens Yoga Mat Wander Sandal Footwear Sandals

admin 2017-7-14 411

 Sanuk Womens Yoga Mat Wander Sandal Footwear  Sandals
I have gone through probably about 5 pairs of Sanuk yoga mat sandals in previous years. Love them! There was however one thing that ultimately made me get different sandals: they soak up water (due to the fab yoga mat material) like a sponge! The Wander model caught my eye since it said it was good for wet activities, so I gave it a try. The regular yoga mat material is covered in a very comfy (waterproof) web material. I love it! So now I can start loving my yoga mat sandals again, no more worries about getting water logged!I love these flip-flops. My Sanuk Yoga Mat flip-flops I have been wearing for years but my feet started to hurt so I thought I'd try these since they have the arch cookie & I'm so glad I did. Sanuk's are my favorite flips & I'm so glad I don't have to give them up!
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