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Rainbow Mens Classic Wide Strap Single Layer Arch Sandal Sandals

admin 2017-9-25 297

 Rainbow Mens Classic Wide Strap Single Layer Arch Sandal  Sandals
Surprised rainbow would put their name on this product. Definitely not up to par compared to the rest of their line.

Cheap nylon and rubber flip-flops… Way overpriced.The straps are a bit tight! It's sore and tight shoe your still breaking in. I am hoping the straps loosen up after some use.This is my 3rd pair of Rainbows...I own 2 pairs of "Single Layer Premier Leather with Arch Support" and I love them. Fit perfect, size XL (11-12). Compared to the Premier Leather sandals this one fits a little bigger, but nothing I can't deal with it. For that reason alone they received a 4, but extremely comfortable out of the box. I wear sandals very often and had no issue with breaking in the sandals.I've bought a pair like this but only for $5 just about every year, for many years. Never really cared because its just $5, but this basically has the feel of an ordinary rubber sandal, there is arch support which I've found to be nice, but I'm still not going to walk very far in these things, just around the yard etc. But so far I can tell it is much sturdier, I don't think these things will break, they'll probably wear out first, which is what the life time guarantee says, which is nice to know really, but I'll probably not have need of it.These sandals are decent. At first I was unhappy with them as they were pretty uncomfortable out of the box. They thong of the sandal cut into my feet and caused them to bleed. However after I broke them in they became pretty comfortable and now i wear them often. If you can overlook the break in period they are a good pair of flip flops. The sizing is accurate.Rainbow Classic Sandals

Rainbow fans will love these flops. The break-in is way faster than the leather soled Rainbows, mere weeks in contrast to the months it takes when I break in a new pair of learther soled. Hope this helps.Absolutely perfect in all ways. These rainbows are exactly what I have been searching for.

The reason I chose these were the price but after I received them I realized I had gotten a great value.
The material on the top of these have a great texture providing better grip than the standard leather Rainbows. Similar to the grip that you get with the hemp material sandals. But they also do not show dirt at all like the hemp material do.

I would recommend these to anyone looking for great sandals that will hold up for season after season while providing a great look, controllable grip, at a reasonable price.Love the sandals. Solid construction. Built to last for a while. Love the colors. The only issue I have is the foot bed is quite narrow as some reviewers have mentioned, even for me (skinny and slim here with average width feet). The edges of my feet go right up to the edge of the sandal with no room to spare. If the footbed was cut to a more generous width they would be THE perfect flip flop.
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