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Reef Friendship Bracelet Sandals, Aqua Multi, 5 Jewelry

admin 2018-1-6 346

 Reef Friendship Bracelet Sandals, Aqua Multi, 5 Jewelry
These Reefs are noticeably thinner than the last pair I bought. There is not as much arch support, so I wouldn't wear them all day, running around town or walking far, like I could with my old ones. They are a bit slippery too when walking on a wet surface because they have little tread. I bought these thinking they would be an upgrade from my old ones that started to wear on the bottom and slide around when walking on a wet surface, but my old ones still have more support. Next time, I'll check the thickness more carefully. Hawaiiannas or Crocs might be the better way to go.It seems like Reef flip flops keep getting smaller and smaller. I compared these to a different pair of Reefs that I own in the same size...the new ones were significantly smaller. These also had a strong rubber smell when I first received them and they left black marks on my heels for the first few weeks.I always buy Reefs and no other flip flops. Any of the classic ones with arch support are excellent. They last forever and are the only comfortable brand. I wear them all year round.Love the flip flop, but the sizing was way too small. I usually wear a 5.5 to a 6 shoe/flip flop, and I had to return the 6 in these for a 7.The perfect fit! Exactly the same great shoes you could get at a shoe store. They look like they do in the pictures.just what you need from flip flops, but i personally prefer the thicker sole
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