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Orthaheel Mens/Womens Wave Sandals (Mens 7 Womens 8, Black) Heeled Sandals

admin 2018-1-26 374

 Orthaheel Mens/Womens Wave Sandals (Mens 7 Womens 8, Black)  Heeled Sandals
I have bought multiple pairs over the last several years. I literally wear these 365 days a year--99% of the time when I am at home year-round, and quite a lot during the summer when I am out as well (sometimes switching to another excellent arch support sandal). They have generally held up well, and I have replaced them about every two years. I have fallen arches and growing bunion problems, and these are my #1 help in easing that pain. I miss them sorely, and in a very short amount of time, if I forget to take them along to wear when I visit someone else's home (I keep a pair as strictly indoor shoes). I love that they are very "neutral" so I can wear them with a casual skirt or pants, or my everyday clothes around the house.I ama69 and have problems with pronation which affects my knees. I cannot livewithout these shoes for slip on and short term (quick shopping and on my hard floors) I was desperate for a new pair. My old ones were many years old and last year I prolonged them by using Shoe Glue to keep the bottom attached to the shoe. I finally wore the heel all the way through. So grateful for the FAST delivery and preventive care and comfort from these shoes. I am glad to see that they are getting more fashionable. I saw a few I would like to try.I've worn Orthaheel Wave sandals for the last few years. These were ordered as replacements - but the fit was not the same at all......the sandals were wider and did not have the support of the original Orthaheels. Vionics must have bought the company, but they are not making the same shoes. Bummer.I have a very high arch and find it uncomfortable to wear flats. These sandals solve the problem. This particular style is unisex ...not real cute, but great for casual kicking around. Now that I know the sole design works well... I'll probably never wear anything but ortho styles.I wanted to like these because of the great support for my arches, but the sole was too firm, hard on my plantar fasciitis heel pain. They seem very durable. The run a little narrow and my little toe slid over side when I walked. Very grateful for Good return customer service from Orthoshop!It took a few weeks to get used to the higher arch rubbing against my skin on my own arch, but after that, it was fine. They're comfy and provide good support.Like many have noted, these things really do relieve the pain..only wish I could wear them to work.

Right off the bat you can tell they're of a bit more substance than typical flip flops...a more solid feel and a bit heavier too.

Anyway, they've been a god send for me..size was true fit for me..had to work them in a little as I'm not a big fan of the between the toe type of flops.

Additionally, I'm not a slipper guy..usually go barefoot..but no more.

I whole heartily endorse these flip flops....This is my 2nd pair of Orthaheel sandals. My foot pain instantly goes away as soon as I put them on. And they look great too.
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