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Teva Men's Kimtah Outdoor Comfort Flip Flop Sandals

admin 2018-3-28 486

 Teva Men's Kimtah Outdoor Comfort Flip Flop  Sandals
I needed something with adequate arch support and hoped these would work. I like the smooth leather lining, but the strap between the toes was somewhat abrasive and not smooth to the touch making it difficult to wear very long. Also, these are not soft cushioned flip flops underfoot. They do seem to be well constructed, but no matter how I tried my feet did not like them. The biggest problem was that they just did not provide enough support for my odd feet, unlike the Teva Dozers which I wear all the time.I was looking for a cheap pair of wear-around sandals that I wouldn't be worried about scuffing up or doing work in... Expected these to be cheaply made, given the price. Was pleasantly surprised. Comfortable footbed, solid rubber soles that provide more traction than my Rainbows and hold up better than my Birks. Leather uppers walk the fine line between durable and good quality.

I initially bought these as cheap throw-away guys. They're now some of my daily shoes.As a guy with large feet finding a good pair of sandals can be problematic. This is my second time buying Tevas (my last pair lasted seven years) and these fit perfectly and feel great even wearing them all day. They seem very sturdy with a rugged sole that has a firm grip on wet or dry surfaces. I'd definitely buy these again, but I probably won't have to for a long while!Teva is a brand we recognize and select because of consistent quality. These shoes stand up to water and wash easily after walking through dust or mud. In Texas, my husband wears sandals like these all the time. He needed another brown pair to wear with khaki or jean shorts.This is a really nice sandal and I didn't mind the price. It fits a little loose on the foot but I love the arch on this sandal, makes it really comfortable to wear. I highly recommend this product.Well constructed. I have wide feet and these were too narrow for me to fit my feet into comfortably, which is unusual for a sandal.Good quality sandals. The arch was a bit higher than expected but I got use to them and they now feel comfortable to wear all day.Comfortable, but too loose to wear on a regular basis
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