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Orthaheel Mens/Womens Wave Sandals (Mens 8 Womens 9, Black) Heeled Sandals

admin 2018-3-28 490

 Orthaheel Mens/Womens Wave Sandals (Mens 8 Womens 9, Black)  Heeled Sandals
I'm a big time flip flop wearer-
Getting older - foot problems...
Thought I'd finally spend the extra bucks
on something with an arch support-
Totally worth it- I can feel they're
better for me and they're comfortable.
Only wish they were ALL black- no gray.
Designers are you listening??? The
small dirt marks from toes wouldn't
show so much and they'd be cooler looking-
(Like all black Ray Ban sunglassses).
P. S. The recommendation to choose the smaller
of your size range was welcome and was correct.Word of advice, when you first start wearing these, wear them for short periods of time. Because your feet are going to hurt the first couple of times you wear them, like strapping boards onto the bottom of your feet. But hang in there, because they are the most comfortable and supportive pair of sandals you will ever own. Any foot pain you've had in the past with sandals will melt away with these. You can wear them all day long, and your feet will feel great and thank you. Best sandals ever!This sandal is well-built and attractive for what it is. It is also comfortable.

This manufacturer used to make this sandal with much more arch support (which I crave). This sandal, although it does have arch support, does not have much more than average. If you're reading this, Orthaheel, give us back the mega-arch support!I have severe heel pain and plantar fasciitis pain due to low back related issues. I bought these back on Feb 2010 and today I am looking for a new pair on almost Feb 2014. These are a true blessing for my feet. I am so used to them that no other brand does it for me anymore. They feel like I am walking on a soft cushion at all times. I wore them everyday for 4 years, around the house, grocery stores, shopping, parks with kids, playing in the backyard, walking on the beach, walking to the mailbox in the snow etc. After 4 years of constant every day use the sole on one slipper is coming off but it is still wearable and the toe post is fine and so are the thongs. I think I could easily glue it back together but just want a new pair because I am like that :). I highly recommend these to any one with heel pain. I have spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on shoes and slippers and these are the best slippers. I will not buy another brand. Don't get carried away by the good looks and fancy colors of Reefs etc, if you are looking for comfort and ease of pain then these are it.Medium width, and probably good to order down a half size - I did that and it worked out nicely. Good firm sole with a great heel cup and pretty strong arch. A bit more heel drop than I'd like for my current foot issue I'm trying to resolve (sesamoiditis), but most shoes with good arches usually have some heel drop so that's just the way it is. They look sharp and should be tough enough to handle walking on the beach with the elements.I thought $60 for flip flops?????????????? Wow. But am so glad I spent the money! They fit as expected, I am a size 9. I have pretty bad plantar fasciitis and these work great! The only down size, is the shoe is a bit heavy...not like work boot heavy...but, it's not the cheap flip flop your used too.

I even got them all dirty and sandy at the beach this rinse...good as new!They provide great arch support but are SO hard where my heel hits that I can't wear them for very long. They have not helped my plantar fasciitis, as other reviewers said it did. That really stinks because that's the only reason I forked out $60 for it.These are very very comfortable shoes. I originally bought them for some basic 'wear around the house' shoes because, honestly, they aren't very pretty looking. I ended up wearing them out and buying a new replacement pair plus another pair of orthaheels that were more pretty that are just as comfortable. It appears all the orthaheel shoes have the same style footbed.
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